I love Seattle for the weed, the beer, and the music

As soon as I got the chance I took early retirement. I have worked for the same company for thirty years, but I am still young enough to enjoy life, so I decided it was the perfect time to quit and spend my golden years doing what I have always dreamed of doing. I got a very favorable retirement package, and then I sold my house and bought a large Winnebago. I sold most of my belongings, packed up my dog Roscoe, and started driving. This lasted for a few months, which is when I first drove through Seattle, Washington. After spending a week in Seattle I decided to stay for a little while longer. That was two years ago, and I still call Seattle, Washington my home. There are four reasons I have stayed in Seattle, and they are the natural scenery, the locally brewed beer, the music, and the locally grown cannabis. The cannabis in Seattle is easy to find, and incredibly tasty. The local Seattle breweries are plentiful and make craft beers of the highest order. Everyone already knows about how great the local music is in Seattle. Last but not least is the natural beauty of the Seattle area. You might be in a big city, but drive for ten minutes and you can get lost in the wonders of the Pacific Northwest. I still live in my RV, just outside of Seattle, but drive into town several times a week to buy cannabis, visit a brewery, or take in a live show. Seattle has everything I need.

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I grew up two hours away from Portland

I was lucky to grow up on the Oregon coast, just two hours away from Portland.

To say I had an idyllic childhood would be accurate. This was a town so small and remote that people never locked their doors, because there was no crime. My family knew all of our neighbors, there were no strangers. And the landscapes? The deep forests and open coastline of Oregon is second to none, one of the prettiest sights you will ever see. Now that I’m a bit older, I’m glad I live this close to Portland. I love the small town life, but sometimes I need a bit of culture and excitement, like can only find in Portland. First of all, I believe Portland to be the cultural Mecca of Oregon, the city that has the best museums, art galleries, and musical venues. Oregon has some other great cities, of course, but none of them have the depth and history of Portland. Another reason I love coming to Portland is for the dazzling array of cannabis dispensaries they have to offer. I have a cannabis dispensary near my house, but the stuff it carries is weak and dry compared to the buds I get in Portland. There are many cannabis farms in the Portland area, so the weed here always seems so fresh and fluffy. I have often debated if I should move to Portland, but that seems like a lot of trouble. As much as I love visiting Portland, I like having a house of my own that overlooks the ocean.

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Why I moved to Las Vegas

Let me tell you why I decided to settle down in Las Vegas.

First of all, this is the greatest city in the world when it comes to having fun.

There is always something great to do in Sin City, every night of the year. Second of all, I love not needing to own a car. Everything I need is within walking distance of my apartment, and if I do need to go to the outskirts of town it’s easy enough to get an Uber within a few minutes. Las Vegas might be a city that caters to the tourist trade, but they know how to take care of the locals. I am the manager of one of the dozens of different cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas, and I never want to live anywhere else. Let me tell you a little insider scoop about the cannabis industry in Las Vegas – we are tightly knit, and watch each other’s back. In a town like Las Vegas there are always going to be people who take things too far. Tourists tend to run wild in a place like Las Vegas, which means that sometimes I get belligerent or unruly customers in the cannabis dispensary. Whenever that happens I send out the info to all the other cannabis managers in Las Vegas. We have a dedicated group chat for these occasions. I can send the name or picture of the customer to all the other cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas, and they will all refuse to serve that person! In other words, in Las Vegas be nice to your cannabis workers

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Going to Beverly Hills with my baby

You can go crazy on legal cannabis, eat at good restaurants, shop around in high end stores, get papered in the spa or enjoy fun things to do with your kids.

My husband and I are people who travel all the time. We have been to a wide variety of places. We have gone to Iceland, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Scotland. We love going to new countries, hiking, trying the food and seeing amazing new sights. After we had our son, we needed to slow down. You can’t really take an infant to Portugal. Since our son we have stayed with domestic travel. Finding good places to travel in the United States isn’t that hard. One state that has appealed to me is California. There are so many different places in that state that are amazing. The state is huge too so there is plenty to see. One place that I really enjoyed was Beverly Hills. At first I was worried about taking such a small baby with me. My son loved it though. We were near the beach, shops and restaurants that my husband and I both liked. My son liked looking around at lal the new sights. We made sure to go in the winter so it wasn’t too warm for him. I liked that Beverly Hills offers just a bit of everything. You can go crazy on legal cannabis, eat at good restaurants, shop around in high end stores, get papered in the spa or enjoy fun things to do with your kids. I will be back to Beverly Hills for sure. It was a nice place to base out and drive to other locations either. It is also conveniently near the LA airport. It made traveling so easy.


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