Enjoying the weather in Gilbert

I moved from the northeastern part of the country to Gilbert, Arizona, about five years ago.

I was anxious to get away from the sub zero temperatures, record-setting snow accumulation and brutal wind chill.

I was tired to shoveling snow, scraping ice and dealing with all of the challenges of a long northern winter. Situated in Maricopa Country, in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, Gilbert is a friendly community and weather is wonderful. We enjoy over three hundred days of sunshine. There’s lots of opportunities to get outside, breathe fresh air and appreciate the stunning scenery. Gilbert offers hot, dry summers and mild, temperate winters. Instead of being stuck indoors on a treadmill, I can get outside at all times of the year. I hike, bike and jog local trails. I can swim, kayak and paddleboard. There are numerous parks with a network of well-maintained paths and varying levels of difficulty. There are lots of lakes for water activities. Even in the winter, there’s no need for heavy sweaters and wool coats. The daytime high temperatures climb into the sixties and seventies, which is perfect weather for a workout or a fun adventure. I often go golfing, take walks in the evening and get together with friends for tennis. In the spring and fall, high temperatures in the seventies and eighties are comfortable. I look forward to the wildflowers and color foliage. I don’t even mind the monsoon season. Typical between July and August, we get a break from the dry heat. The thunderstorms bring needed rain and are refreshing.

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Fun things to do in Plano Texas

Located in North Texas, the city of Plano combines a vibrant urban setting with suburban tranquility.

While the neighboring cities of Dallas and Fort Worth tend to get more attention, Plano has plenty to offer residents and tourists alike.

There are cultural attractions, historical sites and an eclectic mix of dining opportunities. One of the most interesting attractions is the Heritage Farmstead Museum. Exploring the historic Farrell-Wilson Farmstead is like stepping back in time and experiencing rural life in North Texas during the late 19th and early 20th century. Farm animals, authentic buildings from the time period and knowledgeable guides make for a worthwhile visit. Another option is the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. It offers outdoor enthusiasts more than 200 acres of untouched wilderness to enjoy. There are hiking and cycling trails, charming ponds and lush greenergy. For the dedicated hiker or anyone looking to simply breathe in fresh air and take in the gorgeous scenery, Arbor Hills is a paradise. The ArtCentre of Plano is an opportunity to appreciate a wide range of contemporary and traditional art. A rotating calendar of workshops, exhibitions and events offer something for every preference. For the ultimate in shopping, there are The Shops at Legacy. Upscale shopping includes an impressive selection of boutiques for high-end fashion, entertainment and dining options. There’s even more food available in Downtown Plano. There are all different types of food trucks as well as upscale restaurants. The area is famous for Tex-Mex and barbecue. Another local favorite is the Plano Balloon Festival. The annual event features live music, gorgeous balloons taking to the skies and family-friendly activities.


Things to do in Bethlehem, PA

Situated in the heart of the Lehigh Valley, the city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, combines rich history with a dynamic cultural scene.

The city was founded in 1741 by Moravian settlers and over the years, has grown into a vibrant, diverse and welcoming community.

There are a wide assortment of attractions and activities to suit locals and visitors of all ages. While there are multiple museums and historic sites around the area, the Moravian Museum of Bethlehem offers an interesting look into the lives of the first settlers. The Kemerer Museum of Decorative Arts is always a fun place to discover an eclectic mix of art and antiques. SteelStacks was once a towering blast furnace but now serves as the backdrop for an arts and cultural campus. The stunning industrial architecture is definitely worth checking out. The campus includes Levitt Pavilion, which is a great place to take in a concert, and the ArtsQuest Center, where there are all sorts of exhibitions and events. ArtsQuest is a nonprofit arts organization that hosts the annual Musikfest. The festival showcases hundreds of performances. Throughout the year, ArtsQuest offers film screenings, art exhibitions and concerts. Bethlehem is the home of the prestigious Lehigh University. The campus features beautiful architecture, a sprawling campus and numerous cultural events that are open to the public. For dining options, Main Street provides a variety of diverse eateries. Dunderbak’s Market Cafe and the historic Hotel Bethlehem 1741 on the Terrace are local favorites. Bethlehem’s SouthSide Arts District offers numerous art galleries, restaurants and boutiques. It’s a hub of creativity during the day and also known for its lively nightlife.
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Seasonal hockey tickets

My house in Orland Park is right around a thirty minute drive from Chicago.

This is especially convenient for shopping, dining plus events, however i care about living in a quieter, more peaceful suburb. I can afford a larger dwelling plus nicer house outside of the city; One of the reasons I care about the close proximity is professional hockey. I have had season tickets to the Chicago Blackhawks for the last ten years. The team was founded in 1926 plus has won six Stanley Cup championships. They compete in the Central Division in the Western Conference. In recent years, the team has struggled. They haven’t made the playoffs or have been knocked out during the first round. I am still a loyal fan. They play out of the United Center stadium situated on the Near West Side of Chicago. The Chicago Bulls of the NBA play out of the same place. It seats 23,500 plus opened in 1994. I have really good seats. The hockey season begins sometime in November plus lasts until May, and while I care about having something to look forward over the long, freezing winters, I worry about the inclement weather. The commute between Orland Park plus Chicago can be dangerous. When the wind picks up plus blows the snow around, creating colorless-outs, there’s legitimately limited visibility. The roads can turn icy. I am unwilling to get in an accident, potentially get hurt plus end up with a large expense simply to attend a hockey game! Because of this, I miss some games. If possible, I sell my tickets. I then care about the game on television from the comfort of my house in Orland Park, where I have access to popcorn plus beverages.

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