I decided to sneak a cannabis vape pen into the Big House for a U of M football game

Michigan Stadium is massive and completely full of people in every direction regardless of where you are seated.

My whole family are huge Wolverines fans, especially since we’re all located in Dexter, Pickney, Chelsea, and Ann Arbor. Blue and Maize Yellow run through our blood going back several generations of University of Michigan students. I attended school at the Ann Arbor campus and received a Bachelor’s degree in archaeology before getting a master’s degree from Michigan State in Lansing. Eventually I moved out of state with my wife so she could be closer to her extended family. I was teaching at a university in Nebraska and somewhat lost interest in college football, especially University of Michigan sports in particular. However, my family invited my wife and I to come and stay with them for the Thanksgiving holiday last year and we all went to a Wolverines football game. Since I knew we’d be outside and amid massive crowds, I decided to risk sneaking a cannabis vape pen into the game despite the rules against it. I was extremely discreet whenever I took puffs off my cannabis vape pen while in my seat at the Big House on Stadium Blvd. Michigan Stadium is massive and completely full of people in every direction regardless of where you are seated. Unless you’re being an absolute idiot and blowing vapor into someone’s face, I cannot imagine getting busted for using a cannabis vaporizer pen while watching a University of Michigan football game. On top of that, marijuana is legal recreationally in the state and decriminalized in the city, even for public use. If you’re busted by city police, your marijuana will get confiscated and you’ll be given a ticket.
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The hotel room was drab and old and the AC smelled bad

My wife and I decided to do something crazy and fun for our one year anniversary.

We drove 2 hours to Evansville, Indiana, so we could go to the casino and hotel.

There really aren’t a lot of casinos in the Midwest, and the closest place to my home is definitely the one in Evansville. My wife and I made a reservation at the hotel. We checked into our room around 7 at night. The front desk clerk didn’t have a room ready for us when we arrived. I was a little annoyed, because we arrived well after the check-in time. Our room honestly should have been ready. When we finally got to our room on the sixth floor, I was disappointed. The room was dirty, drab, and old. It was badly in need of updates. The AC wasn’t very cold and the machine-made an odd noise every time the air conditioner turned on and off. I suggested moving to a different room, but my wife wanted to make things work. I think she was overwhelmed by the drive. She laid down on the bed and took a nap. About an hour later, she woke up. I thought she would be ready to go downstairs to the Evansville casino for some fun and entertainment. She was upset about the air conditioner and all of the noises that it was making. She demanded I call the front desk and make them move us to a different room. If she couldn’t sleep now, she wasn’t going to be able to sleep at night either.

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Toronto is an awesome city

I learn in the brochure that Toronto, Ontario, offers something for nearly pretty much everyone, however i guess that the way they word nearly pretty much everyone, is the same as when they tell you one-size-fits-all almost pretty much everyone, almost pretty much everyone is anyone who is from below a size 0 up to about a size 10, that excludes at least 60% of the population.

I was kind of hesitant about going to Toronto, Ontario, when my sibling asked myself and others to go with him.

I knew they had Niagara Falls in Toronto, Ontario, plus I knew that there were a lot of sightseeing trips plus tours that you could take at Niagara Falls. I did not realize that they also had to Haunted home tours in Toronto, Ontario… When both of us first got to our hotel, the first thing both of us did was to go to a marijuana shop plus option up some edibles. The people I was with and I had thought about finding a cannabis café, however both of us did not want to rest down plus eat. All both of us wanted to do was grab a couple of pre-roll cigarettes plus head out on one of their ghost finding trips. I don’t think if it was the fun of seeing people scare themselves just thinking they’re going to find ghost, or if it was absolutely the marijuana cigarettes that were smoking, however both of us were having a blast that night. The moon was full, which made for a lot of eerie feelings, plus both of us were high. The pre-roll cigarettes ‌we smoked before the! Ghost seeing trip plus the vape pens both of us used during the ghost seeing tours had us enjoying it much more than both of us entirely would have.
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Seattle sports

Jack plus I went to see the Seattle Mariners play on Friday; The Mariners are the cabin team plus particularly our number one, but my whole apartment is filled with Seattle Mariners memorabilia… I have lived in Seattle our whole life, but our neighbor has only been living here for the past 10 years, but his dad was stationed at an army base in Washington plus he settled down in Seattle after they moved away, then jack works for a tech firm in downtown Seattle, but both of us spend a lot of time together on the weekends, because we appreciate the same things.

When I got season tickets to the Mariners games, I knew that Jack was going to go with me, last Friday’s game was supposed to be a really massive game, because of the playoffs. There was particularly no rain in the forecast, so I was surprised by the dark clouds that day. Jack plus I took a marijuana vape pen to the game. It’s really simple to use the vape pen on the go, because it is portable plus discreet. Most people cannot tell that you are smoking marijuana when you use the vape pen, so it is particularly one of the best ways to smoke pot on the go. Jack plus I smoked a joint before we decided to go into the game. While we were sitting in the automobile smoking the joint, it started to sprinkle. Both of us said a prayer that the rain would go away, but it did not work. The Mariners game was rained out plus postponed until next Monday.

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