My annual HVAC service appointment is already scheduled

I discovered a valuable lesson after the summer’s record temperatures.

Never again will I put off scheduling an appointment for HVAC maintenance.

I’ve already scheduled my HVAC service for the middle of this month, even though it’s only the first week of March. I canceled my service appointment last Summer because I was going to be traveling a lot. Additionally, it can be challenging to locate HVAC service providers in Phoenix during the summer because of the city’s high demand. As a matter of fact, some service providers are so swamped that there may be a 2-week wait. Even more of a problem arises if the air conditioning unit is broken, especially if you have health issues. It might literally mean life or death to wait longer than two days for an HVAC provider to fix an air conditioner. Of course, fans and portable air conditioners could be short-term fixes, but they have their limitations. A portable air conditioner can hardly keep the house cool when it is 110 degrees during the day and 95 degrees at night. Furthermore, it is unfair to hold the HVAC service providers accountable for their inability to fix these A/C units promptly given that they are making every effort to reach everyone. Renters in Phoenix are entitled to certain rights regarding air conditioning because it was decided that having air conditioning is a necessary service. Although this law offers some protection to tenants, it won’t help them if they can’t find a technician to do the work. In my opinion, a broken air conditioner would be much worse than a delay in HVAC service, so I hope I never have to deal with that.


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High energy costs could be mitigated by solar panels

One of Phoenix’s hottest months in recent memory occurred here a couple of years ago.

Over 50 days in a row, the outside temperature increased by about 100 degrees.

Undoubtedly, the air conditioner will be running nearly constantly when it’s hot outside. I also usually set the thermostat to 72 degrees to maintain a comfortable environment in my house. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I spent close to $300 per month to maintain the highest level of comfort in my home. We didn’t use the heat as much as we did the air conditioner that year, so the only saving grace was that my energy bill dropped to about $100 during the Winter. My energy bill is significantly lower than someone with a 5- or 6-bedroom home because I live in a 3-bedroom home. The cost of running their air conditioning that year was probably close to $500 per month for those homeowners. It is understandable why an increasing number of people are choosing to switch to solar energy given these prices. According to what I have read, solar energy is being marketed as a superior option and can eliminate the cost of the monthly energy bill. Although I’m not completely sold on the idea of switching to solar energy just yet, if the temperatures keep breaking records, I might not have a choice but to make the change. My best option while residing in Phoenix may just be the solar, so long as it can continuously power my air conditioner. We have plenty of sunshine, which is good news, so setting up solar panels might actually be a wise decision.

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My 12-year-old air conditioner will soon require replacement

Have you heard that Phoenix has been ranked as one of the top places to travel in the Spring? Of course, there are also many events and festivals, as well as fantastic restaurants, in the city.

  • The temperature is typically in the low to mid-70s during the Spring, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

The weather is also pleasant during this time. Visiting during the spring may be the best time of the year, but the summer is also a great time to go because there are so many things to do, even when it’s scorching hot outside. There are many bars and restaurants here that offer dining in a relaxing, air-conditioned environment. Our hotels are fantastic because they offer a lot of air-conditioned spaces for guests to cool off. My mother doesn’t like the heat, so when I asked her to visit in July last year, she hesitated because it’s summer in Phoenix. Nevertheless, I was able to persuade her to travel because I reserved a few nights at the Marriott Phoenix Resort Tempe at The Buttes. Amazing amenities are available at this resort, and the best part was that my mom completely forgot about the heat outside. Although the resort’s pool is amazing, she also adored the spa and its restaurants. Phoenix needs to have comfortable visitor-friendly air-conditioned spaces in order to draw tourists to the city during the hottest months of the year. For myself, I make the most of these areas in the warmer months. My house also has excellent air conditioning, so when it’s hot outside, that’s where I go to find relief.

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I'll soon need to replace my 12-year-old air conditioner

However, because the unit is getting older, I’ve been scheduling service twice a year

Because of the varied terrains that surround Phoenix, I adore living here. In addition to the desert, we are also surrounded by mountains, which means we have fantastic hiking trails. Each year, a large number of tourists come to Phoenix to take advantage of the great weather, delectable cuisine, amazing shops, galleries, and other attractions. Even though visitors only spend a brief amount of time in the city, they only get a taste of what it’s like to live in Phoenix. Living in the desert comes with some difficulties. One of these relates to having adequate air conditioning to make your home comfortable. If you didn’t know, Phoenix has a sizable HVAC industry because it is necessary to have air conditioning there. Without the comfort of air conditioning, the sweltering temperatures outside would be difficult to endure. I go above and beyond to ensure that my air conditioner is in excellent condition because it is one of the most significant appliances I own. I always make sure to schedule at least one annual service for the unit. However, because the unit is getting older, I’ve been scheduling service twice a year. In normal climates, an air conditioner would typically last 15 to 25 years, but due to Phoenix’s extreme weather, most air conditioners are only given a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. I will need to replace my air conditioner in the next year or two because it is about 12 years old. The shorter lifespan has been caused by the unit’s increased wear and tear, but living in a brutally hot city like Phoenix, Arizona, comes with the territory.


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