The selection of HVAC contractors is high in Spokane due to the city’s size

It wasn’t idyllic living in a midwestern corn town with a tiny high school where something as simple as a pin drop would circulate as gossip.

There were only a handful of cliques and the barrier to entry was high if you hadn’t been part of their friend groups as early as the second grade.

My biggest goal was to get accepted for admission at a college on the opposite side of the country. I applied to a handful of liberal arts colleges and state schools on the east coast and a bunch on the western coast as well. Going to the south had no appeal to me because of how much I suffered from the heat and humidity during the few trips we took as a family when I was still young. When I got all of my responses back from the colleges I applied to, I had to narrow down my choices considerably. However, I was really happy that I was accepted into one of my top college choices—Washington State University in Spokane. Located within Spokane’s university district, WSU is close to the Spokane River. When I graduated, I moved to a different apartment a few miles north near Gonzaga University on N Astor Street. Thankfully because of Spokane’s size I have never had an issue finding multiple quotes when I need services from a heating and cooling company. First of all, our summers are so mild and dry that many can get away without using an air conditioner. Although winter heating is a must in Spokane, the average low temperature during the winter hovers around 20 degrees. It’s not subarctic temperatures where you’re dropping far below zero multiple times throughout the winter season.
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Seattle has everything I want and more

I love running through the city of Seattle.

When I moved here for work I thought it was going to be a mistake.

All I knew about Seattle was that it rained a lot, was grey a lot and people seemed to like the area. I didn’t have high expectations but I didn’t have a lot of wants. I basically needed good vegetarian places to eat, theaters to watch movies in and a place to work out. I found all of that and more. There are so many great restaurants in Seattle that I can’t possibly name them all. I personally like stopping at the local market and getting my own fresh produce and fish. It is way cheaper and healthier to make my own meal and I love it. I also have a pick of movie theaters, high end theatres, museums and sporting events to choose from for entertainment wise. Running through the city is the highlight though. I love looking at all the cool buildings and businesses that are around the city. A highlight is when I run through Washington Park Arboretum. There is almost a mile of paved area called Azalea Way where you can see all sorts of flowers during the run. There are good stopping off points to rest and stretch. I love that I can run in nature like setting sand city like settings. Even when the weather is rainy and cold, I still immensely enjoy my run. There is no way I would relocate for work now. I just love my new area.

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There’s always something to do in Libertyville

I live in Libertyville, a suburb of Chicago, located in Lake Country. We are close enough to the big city to have easy access to the many amenities. It’s only about an hour’s drive to attend a Chicago Bulls or Blackhawks game. I often buy tickets to concerts or theater productions in Chicago. I love to go shopping in the city. I definitely don’t want to live there. The cost of living is way too high, and I don’t like the lack of space or privacy. In my opinion, Libertyville is one of the best places to live in Illinois. It is an extremely safe area where most residents own their homes. It offers a suburban feel, and there’s plenty of restaurants, parks and activities. The public schools are highly rated. The biggest challenge with the area is the weather. It tends to be windy, cold and wet for most of the year. Between the rain, snow, cold temperatures and windchill, I am often kept inside. It makes me especially appreciate those rare days of sunshine and blue skies. Fortunately, there’s always something fun going on in Libertyville. In the fall, there’s apple picking, hayrides and haunted corn mazes. In the spring, I often go paddle boating at Independence Grove Forest Preserve. The summer is the perfect time to visit Six Flags or Butler Lake. Plus, there’s live music, wine tastings and various festivals held right on Main Street. At any time of year, I enjoy hiking through the Edward L. Ryerson Conservation area. There are 471 acres of protected woods to explore. It’s cold in the winter but the snow is just beautiful.

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The annual cooling costs are enormous

My wife and I moved to Tampa Bay several years ago.

We wanted to get out of the country and see more things.

Moving to the city sounded like a great idea. Tampa Bay was the closest city to our current address, so we started looking at apartments in the area. We found a nice house and decided to rent for two years. After the first year was up, we took the option to buy that house instead. Shortly after we bought the house in Tampa, the HVAC unit stopped working. It almost seemed like a cruel joke when the air conditioner stopped working a few weeks after we signed the home loan. My wife tried to repair the AC, but it was clearly an issue for an experienced and certified professional. We contacted a Tampa Heating and Cooling provider and they performed a free analysis and estimate. We received bad news. The AC was inefficient and needed to be replaced. The machine was older than the homeowner previously stated. Both of us were in dismay when we heard the news, but we knew it was likely the reason for the extremely high cooling costs we saw the first few months of the summer. Even though we didn’t want to replace the expensive heating and cooling equipment, we knew it was absolutely important. Our new machine will last the next ten years, even in the hot and humid Tampa weather. We also got a brand new hurricane pad that is rated up to 250 mph. This machine is built to last, and it should be at $7100.

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