Dressing for the weather in Glenview

I’ve realized that it’s impossible to look attractive in the winter.

The extreme cold in Glenview is the problem and it lasts for more than half the year.

When the temperature drops down to negative twenty five, the air lacks essential moisture. The overly dry air sucks moisture out of everything it touches, including skin and hair. During the winter, I struggle with chapped lips, frizzy hair and dry, itchy skin. Although I am conscientious about chapstick, conditioner for my hair and moisturizer for my skin, these rather expensive products don’t help all that much. Anytime I leave the house in the winter, I need to bundle up against the cold. I wear long-winter underwear under my pants and sweater and then put a puffy jacket over the top. I add heavy boots, a hat, scarf and gloves. Under all of those layers, I could be fat or skinny and no one would know the difference. My body shape is completely obliterated by all of the padding. Living in Glenview, the cold weather is a consideration from November until April. We often have snow on the ground for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. We’ve already had blizzard conditions on Mother’s Day in May. While I really don’t like winter weather, it makes me appreciate the summer. The summers in Glenview don’t last all that long, but they’re beautiful. I love the heat and humidity. I enjoy laying out in the sun, working in my garden and just spending time outside. I try to breath as much fresh air as possible before the cold weather arrives.



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Driving to the Summit at Mount Spokane State Park is much easier in the summer

It was interesting living in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, especially when you could see snowy mountain peaks in the cold winter season.

  • My friends and I did a lot of hunting and fishing if the weather would allow it, but I preferred camping over any other outdoor activity.

In that neck of the woods, there were ample camping sites all over the Ozark Mountains. You could pull up a camper to a powered campsite, or you could hike to spot with a backpack, tent, and sleeping bag. Since Arkansas and Missouri tend to get fairly warm in the summer season, my friends and I usually went camping in the spring or autumn before or after the snowfall from winter. That way you’d be comfortable while avoiding high temperatures, humidity, and bugs. In winter the mountain peaks became much harder to traverse by foot or vehicle, so I got into the habit of avoiding the mountains during this time of the year. Now that I live in Spokane, Washington in the Rocky Mountains, it’s a similar situation as the Ozarks. If you want to drive to the summit at Mount Spokane State Park, it’s a lot easier to do this in summer when the warm temperatures have melted away the ice and snow. It’s also a very temperate location to take the kids for an afternoon while temperatures in the valley are much higher. Instead of staying at home in Spokane with the air conditioner running, walking through hiking trails at Mount Spokane State Park is much more preferable. Hopefully my kids will appreciate the scenery around Spokane more as they get older.



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My kids love the Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park when the temperatures climb

It’s on Elitch Circle and can be accessed from Interstate 25

It isn’t easy having young children to take care of, especially when they’re under 10-years-old and love to get into trouble when you least expect it. Watching these children is a full time job for both my wife and I. At the end of the day, we wouldn’t trade our family for anything in the world. I respect people who refer to themselves as “child free,” but I could never make it work in a marriage with someone who wants that sort of lifestyle. That’s why there’s a special person for everyone out there, no matter how “different” that person might be. On the one hand, having kids has forced my wife and I to visit places that we might otherwise avoid, such as Disney World while we vacationed in Florida, and Legoland while we stayed with family in California during the winter holidays. Now that we live in Denver, we try to get the kids outdoors whenever the snow has melted and the temperatures have climbed above 50 degrees. One of their favorite locations to visit during the cooling season is Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park. It’s on Elitch Circle and can be accessed from Interstate 25. Whenever our kids are busy playing with their friends in the water, my wife and I like to sneak back to their car to enjoy our cannabis vaporizer pens that we get from a number of different cannabis stores within Denver and the surrounding cities. One of our favorite cannabis growers is located in Boulder but sells a lot of his marijuana crops to dispensaries in Denver and Aurora.

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I left my umbrella at the cannabis shop on Main St

I went shopping for Christmas presents last night and I left my umbrella somewhere.

I visited a lot of stores while I was out, but I was determined to find my favorite umbrella with red flecks of glitter on the handle.

I went to the department store off the 101 first. The place is right outside of San Francisco. None of the shops had my missing raingear. Next I went to the food court, but my umbrella wasn’t in the lost and found there either. I was beginning to lose hope until I remembered going to a cannabis hop on Main street. I went to the San Francisco cannabis shop to get a gag gift for my little brother. He is only 25 years old and I thought cannabis might be a fun and unique gift for his stocking. I drove right to the shop. There was a line at the front door, so I waited patiently until it was my turn to go inside the building. I walked inside and gave someone my ID. After that, I walked into the dispensary. A budtender offered to help me with my order and I told the guy that I was looking for a missing umbrella. He asked me to wait in the store and he came back a moment later. He asked me to describe the missing umbrella. When I mentioned the red handle with glitter, the guy came back with my umbrella. He wanted to make sure it was mine first, but he had it in the store room waiting for someone to claim it.

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