The mountains were my favorite part of Albuquerque, NM.

Last year, my family and I decided this year’s vacation would be to Albuquerque, NM for the International Balloon Festival in October.

I had seen a myriad of colorful balloons in pictures, and we wanted to see it in person.

Since Albuquerque has an arid climate, my first thought was that we dressed for summer temperatures. We lived about 300 miles southeast of Albuquerque, NM and thought their climate would be the same as ours. We all packed shorts and t-shirts, and the girls wore their flip-flops. I didn’t expect it to be in the sixties and low seventies. When we got to Albuquerque, NM, we checked into a hotel. Without humidity, the cooler temperatures felt even colder. We sat in the hotel for the first day because they had an excellent heating system. We found some lovely restaurants in the hotel, so we didn’t need to go outside. By the third day, the temperatures were in the mid-seventies and we no longer needed to hide out where there was heat. There were hundreds of colorful balloons in the sky, and a carnival atmosphere in the air. A part of me wished they held the International Balloon Festival in the spring, where we didn’t need to worry about HVAC, but we still loved the festivities. The balloon festival in Albuquerque was our favorite vacation, and we’ll probably be returning. I can’t imagine any other vacation spot being as wonderful as Albuquerque, NM. Not only did we have the International Balloon Festival to entertain us, but we had the mountains to climb, and the desert to hike. Our shorts came in handy for the desert.

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The birthday cake was infused with cannabis oil

My birthday was on Saturday and everyone in the family threw a big party.

I didn’t know that they were planning a party.

I knew something was going on, but I didn’t think it was a huge celebration. My mom kept calling me to ask questions like what do I prefer to eat and what kind of music is my favorite. They were strange questions from my mom. My sister drove all the way to San Francisco to get me a birthday cake that was infused with cannabis oil. There is a special bakery in San Francisco that makes birthday cakes with cannabis. They also make a lot of other sweet confections like cupcakes, brownies, pies and donuts. I saw an advertisement for the bakery and I mentioned the San Francisco marijuana business to my sister. When she surprised me with the birthday cake on Saturday, I was definitely interested to see how the cake would taste. The bakery provided a second smaller case that did not include any cannabis, just in case there were people at the party that could not have recreational cannabis products. My grandmother was at the party. She had a slice of the regular cake. It was vanilla with vanilla frosting and there were tiny rainbow sprinkles on top of the cake. My cake looked exactly the same, except for the fact that the cake was infused with cannabis oil. The cannabis oil was a sativa. The amount of cannabis oil was very small, but I could taste the product in the icing as well as the cake.

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Going all the way to the coast is a two hour drive

It’s a 2-hour drive to get to the coast.

I don’t mind taking the drive every once in a while, but I don’t prefer to go to the coast every weekend.

My wife would be happy if we would go to the beach every Saturday, but the cost of gas makes it impossible. My wife tried to talk me into moving closer to San Francisco, but I really don’t want to be closer to the city. There is a lot of traffic and the roads and streets are constantly filled with tourists that don’t know where they are going. My idea of a fun and relaxing weekend is not dealing with tourists and foreigners that don’t know where they are going. My wife mentioned going to San Francisco last weekend. I said we would go, but only if she did not mention going to the beach for two more weeks. She agreed and we departed for the beach. It took us all of two hours to drive to the beach and find a place to park. The sun was very hot that day. There were people scattered everywhere. My wife and I couldn’t really find a place to sit on the beach without people on top of us. I was getting frustrated and I was feeling very anxious. Thank goodness I had medical marijuana with. I used some of the medical marijuana edibles and my bag. I had 30 mg of medical marijuana edibles that I had purchased from a San Francisco marijuana dispensary. It took about an hour for the edibles to kick in, but I felt much more relaxed after that.

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The new oil furnace is way more efficient than the old heater

Every year it seems like the hot in addition to cold temperatures get colder in addition to colder! It’s difficult to live by the lake, however this is the area where I grew up in addition to it is still the venue where my parents live, and orland Park is my hometown. Orland Park is a small village in Cook county, IL. Orland Park is a suburb of chicago. It is a unquestionably nice venue to live, but there are lots of nice villages to raise children in addition to the crime rates are lower than they are in the city; My partner in addition to I have lived in Orland Park with our children for the past 12 years. The kids like living in a village that has lots of kids in addition to my partner in addition to I like living in a village that we suppose is safe. The only time I am bothered by living in the midwest is during the times when we have lots of ice in addition to snow. Cold weather is getting worse every year, and last year we had to replace the oil furnace. My partner in addition to I paid a luck for the new oil furnace, however it is much more energy efficient than the old one. Our old oil furnace had an 88% AFUE rating. The new oil furnace has a 99% AFUE rating. The AFUE rating is pressing, because it is a prediction of the energy United Statesge that the oil furnace will use when converting fuel to energy. The new oil furnace will help us save currency throughout the year by using less energy to convert fuel to energy. If we could manage to save 20% on our energy costs, the oil furnace would pay for itself.

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