As soon as I turned 21, I went to a pot shop

A lot of people look forward to getting their driver’s license.

I knew it was going to be a cool experience to finally drive on the highway legally.

For me, one of the biggest highlights in my life was turning 21. It wasn’t so I could go out with my friends to a bar and drink. I was actually excited to turn 21 so I could go to a legal marijuana dispensary in Denver. Marijuana has been illegal in Denver for the past 10 years. For the last five years, I have been patiently counting down the days until I was old enough to purchase recreational marijuana from a legal dispensary in Denver. There are a number of dispensaries in Denver and each one of them have different sales and specials for first-time patients. I was a first-time patient and I took advantage of all of the sales. I went to every place that I could think of on the day that I turned 21. I got crazy good specials at watts of different Denver dispensaries. A couple of months later, I was kicking myself in the butt. I should have waited to go to the dispensary to use my first-time patient specials on a much larger order. I could have saved hundreds of dollars if I would have thought ahead. Instead, I did the same things that most kids do and I blew my opportunity. These days I look for the best sale prices in town. When I find a good deal on products like marijuana flower and live resin, I stock up and get my limit for the day. My favorite specials are the buy one and get one for a dollar, but they are really difficult to find in downtown Denver.

Pot Dispensary Denver Colorado

The dispensary had new stuff this week

I drove a couple of my friends out to a dispensary on the west side of San Francisco.

The marijuana prices are a little cheaper on the west side of San Francisco.

It’s about a 25-minute drive, but I don’t mind taking my friends. They always pay for gas and they buy me a marijuana joint from the dispensary. I don’t regularly use recreational or medical marijuana, but it’s nice to have a joint every once in a while. I was going to sit in the parking lot while my friends visited the San Francisco dispensary, but the parking lot was empty and I decided to join them. Most of the time I sit outside with my car, because I am terribly afraid that someone will steal my car. The crime rate for car theft in San Francisco is quite high. Since the parking lot was empty, I went inside of the dispensary with my friends. It had been several months since the last time I was in the San Francisco dispensary. I was amazed by the selection of products. The dispensary had a lot of new stuff. I was very interested in a product they had on the Shelf of elixirs. The cannabis Elixir was called cannalean. It was on sale for 20% off that day. The brand had plenty of flavors like lemon lime, blueberry, grape, and arms splash. I asked my friends if the stuff was any good and they told me to stay away from it. Apparently the cannalean is a really potent marijuana Elixir and not something for a beginner like me.


Pot Pick-up San Fransisco California

Understanding the recreational weed taxes in Tarzana, CA

When recreational weed was first legalized in Colorado in 2012, I had no idea that things would evolve at the rate that they have over the ensuing decade.

A large number of states soon followed suit, with some legislatures making changes in state law while others passed amendments or ballot initiatives in statewide elections.

My home state just recently legalized recreational cannabis and they’re already seeing a lot of tax money from the legal sales. Portions of the tax money were allocated for education, while others were set aside for statewide infrastructure and health care. It’s reassuring to see these legalization efforts taking off without any serious issues to dissuade anyone who is on the fence regarding cannabis. I live in Tarzana in Los Angeles, California and my friends and I all thought that California would easily be the first state to legalize cannabis for recreational use because they were the first state to implement a medical marijuana program in 1996. Although we famously failed to legalize recreational cannabis in the 2010 election, California was the first state to vote on cannabis legalization when it did so in 1972, garnering over 30% of support in a time when the Drug War was really taking off. However, California ultimately passed a recreational cannabis law in 2016 and now we have joined the ranks of other western states in having recreational marijuana available. Being in Tarzana, I have to pay both state and county taxes on all of my recreational marijuana purchases. West Hollywood and Los Angeles are even worse, with combined taxes well over 20% on all sales.

Recreational Marijuana Store Tarzana California

Happy with nearby dispensary

I am so thankful that recreational marijuana is not legal in Albuquerque. It is convenient and helpful that I can finally access a dispensary for medication. I am unwilling to take any kind of prescription pharmaceuticals. There always seems to be a long list of very bad side-effects. Quite often, those side-effects are worse than the symptoms I’m attempting to solve. I appreciate the ability to browse a wide selection of brands, strains, consumption methods and prices. I can cater my choices to my preferences, budget and goals. I am fortunate that the dispensary is only a short drive from my home and offers a huge inventory of options. Their collection of flower is sourced from local growers and third-party tested for safety. The bright green color, flecks of blue and purple and fiery orange hair-like pistils prove proper pollination and mature harvest. The buds are covered in an abundance of milky, crystal-like trichomes that ensure high potency of cannabinoids and rich terpenes. If I want something more affordable, I can shop popcorn buds or shake. If I want to try something new and not deal with the work and waste of creating my own joints or blunts, I buy singles or packs of pre-rolls. The dispensary includes an on-site bakery that creates some amazing edibles. The menu offers fresh cookies, chocolates, gummies, hard candies and even cannabis-infused beverages. Just lately, I’ve been trying out tinctures. The packaging is compact enough to tuck right into a pocket and the included dropper allows for accurate and convenient dosing. The sublingual delivery method provides rapid onset of effects. There are tinctures with high THC content or high CBD content that are ideal for treating insomnia, migraines, anxiety and nausea.
Weed Dispensary Albuquerque NM