The city is excited for a new dispensary

I went shopping for Christmas presents last night and I left my umbrella somewhere; I visited a lot of stores while I was out, however I was determined to find my number one umbrella with red flecks of glitter on the handle.

I went to the department store off the 101 first, the arena is right outside of San Francisco, then none of the shops had my missing raingear.

Next I went to the food court, however my umbrella wasn’t in the lost and found there either. I was start to lose hope until I remembered going to a cannabis hop on Main street. I went to the San Francisco cannabis shop to get a gag gift for my little brother! He is only 25 years old and I thought cannabis might be a fun and unique gift for his stocking. I drove right to the shop. There was a line at the front door, so I waited patiently until it was my turn to go inside the building. I walked inside and gave someone my ID, after that, I walked into the dispensary. A budtender gave to help me with my order and I told the guy that I was looking for a missing umbrella. He asked me to wait in the store and he came back a moment later. He asked me to describe the missing umbrella, then when I mentioned the red handle with glitter, the guy came back with my umbrella. He wanted to make sure it was mine first, although he had it in the store room waiting for someone to claim it.

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