I try to avoid hiking in the mountains around Sandia Peak when it gets really cold

There are an abundance of hiking and camping trails in the mountains and foothills surrounding Albuquerque, New Mexico.

One of the first times I went hiking with my dad was at the Cibola National Forest. We went in early autumn while the weather was still mild and comfortable outside. I loved hiking in Cibola so much that my dad started taking me to other hiking spots around Albuquerque. The next place we visited was Boca Negra Canyon. After that, my dad took me camping in the Turquoise Trail Campgrounds off interstate 40. But my absolute favorite place to hike in the Albuquerque area is Sandia Peak and the Sandia Mountain Wilderness. The height of Sandia Peak just east of Albuquerque is nearly 11,000 feet above sea level. However, as much as I love Sandia Peak, you have to be careful if you hike or camp there in the winter season. I took a portable gas heater with me to stay warm but I still nearly froze when I went in January one year. You have to be careful camping with the sudden drops in temperature after sunset. Even with portable heaters and hand warmers you could get stuck somewhere and perish from hypothermia. That’s why I like to visit Sandia Mountain Wilderness in the late spring season when a lot of the snow has melted below the upper peaks. You can enjoy the wildlife and the lush plant life without needing a portable heating device. Just make sure to wear warm clothing, even if you think you can handle the mild weather.

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