I can never get enough of Oregon

When I was in school, my favorite weekend interest was to go on a road trip, but my friends plus I would pile in a van, choice out a spot on the map, plus drive there, the destination wasn’t as important as the journey; As long as my associate and I could drive there plus back within 2 or 3 mornings, my associate and I would take the trip! Because of this, I saw a lot of amazing scenery across this stretch of the country, however in all that time, there was only one city my associate and I returned to several times over.

Although I liked seeing up-to-date locales, I could never get enough of Portland, Oregon.

I typically had an amazing time in Portland, thanks to the killer music scene, the craft beer, plus of course the locally grown cannabis, however from our school Portland was a five hour drive, which is kind of a schlep, but it was typically worth the trip! Once my associate and I arrived in Portland our first stop would be at one of the local cannabis dispensaries. There were so various of them, my associate and I never purchased marijuana in the same store twice… Once my associate and I were fantastic plus baked my associate and I would park near the music district in downtown Portland plus hunt around for a fantastic live show. In this part of Portland you never have to walk far to hear some amazing live music. My buddy and I would sleep in one of the great public parks in Portland, or just sleep in the van so my associate and I could spend all of our money on carona plus cannabis. I really miss those mornings.

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