The prices of weed in Michigan are unbelievably lower than California

I know that I’m not the only one turned off by the cost of legal cannabis in California.

  • I visited the state recently on a trip with my wife to see her cousins in San Bernardino.

They told us that we needed to try this place that always gets so much hype, but I wasn’t overly impressed to be completely honest. Some of the connoisseur growers in the Great Lakes State are truly brilliant at growing the weed plant. But the real difference is the price. Taxes of cannabis are as high as 30% in some places in Los Angeles County, whereas it’s half that in Michigan. I took a trip out to Los Angeles with my girlfriend last month and I thought that we would be able to purchase more cannabis during our stay than what ended up being the case. The taxes were a lot higher than we anticipated, but that’s partially because we were dumb enough to stop for weed in West Hollywood of all places during one of our shopping excursions. When we got back to the Detroit-Metro Airport, I was relieved to be home at last. We got onto I94 and headed back to our house in Ann Arbor. I went online and found out that a new dispensary had just opened around the corner from our home. We went inside before we got back and we were relieved to see the much smaller prices by comparison here in Washtenaw County, Michigan. I know that California has a lot going for it, but the marijuana industry is overrated out there compared to the one we have here in Michigan.

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