Prices on marijuana in Denver are cheap

The infused pre-roll was flavorful and extremely potent

My car broke down on Tuesday and I already had a pickup scheduled for the marijuana delivery service. I decided to take an Uber to the location. I contacted a friend of mine to see if he wanted to go with me. I knew the Uber could pick him up on the way to the dispensary without much trouble at all. When Jack found out that I was going to the Denver dispensary, he wanted to go too. He even offered to pay for half of the cost of the uber. The car picked up Jack on the way and then we drove to the Denver dispensary location.My friend and I picked out marijuana supplies while the Uber driver waited for us in the parking lot. We tried to move as quickly as possible since the meter was running. We didn’t use any of the marijuana products until we got back to the apartment. I bought an infused pre-roll and that was the first thing that I wanted to open and try. The infused pre-roll was supposed to taste like grapes. It was a pretty expensive pre-roll, so I was hoping for the best. I took the lid off of the last jar. I could smell the grape flavor as soon as I removed the cap. The strong grape smell was very pungent. The infused pre-roll was flavorful and extremely potent. By the time I smoked the entire joint, I had a huge buzz and a little bit of a headache. The headache went away after 10 or 15 minutes, but the buzz lasted for hours.

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