We never made it all the way to San Francisco

My wife and I decided to drive to San Francisco for the day. We live in a small beach community about 2 hours south of San Francisco. I love going to the bay area. There are a ton of activities for tourists and locals. It’s fun to simply drive to the bay and hang out by the water. The beach is also a nice place for whale watching. Before we left the several hour drive to San Francisco, my wife and I stopped at a dispensary. Recreational marijuana is one of the reasons why we absolutely love living in California. Recreational marijuana is inexpensive and available everywhere. There are advertisements and billboards and it doesn’t feel like an illegal substance. We stopped at the dispensary and picked up several different cannabis products. We smoked a bowl of OG Kush after we left the dispensary. Both of us were feeling particularly tired, so we stopped at a beach area to rest and have some lunch.My wife packed all of the essentials. We had hummus, crackers, fruits, and vegetables. We also had several bottles of water since it was a warm day. After we ate lunch, we sat on the beach and fell asleep for 2 hours. My wife and I planned to drive all the way to San Francisco, but we ended up dozing off at the beach and we never made it close to the bay area. We certainly had a really nice day and next time we will plan better when we choose our weed strain for the day.


Recreational Marijuana San Fransisco California