The annual cooling costs are enormous

My wife and I moved to Tampa Bay several years ago.

We wanted to get out of the country and see more things.

Moving to the city sounded like a great idea. Tampa Bay was the closest city to our current address, so we started looking at apartments in the area. We found a nice house and decided to rent for two years. After the first year was up, we took the option to buy that house instead. Shortly after we bought the house in Tampa, the HVAC unit stopped working. It almost seemed like a cruel joke when the air conditioner stopped working a few weeks after we signed the home loan. My wife tried to repair the AC, but it was clearly an issue for an experienced and certified professional. We contacted a Tampa Heating and Cooling provider and they performed a free analysis and estimate. We received bad news. The AC was inefficient and needed to be replaced. The machine was older than the homeowner previously stated. Both of us were in dismay when we heard the news, but we knew it was likely the reason for the extremely high cooling costs we saw the first few months of the summer. Even though we didn’t want to replace the expensive heating and cooling equipment, we knew it was absolutely important. Our new machine will last the next ten years, even in the hot and humid Tampa weather. We also got a brand new hurricane pad that is rated up to 250 mph. This machine is built to last, and it should be at $7100.

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