Seattle has everything I want and more

I love running through the city of Seattle.

When I moved here for work I thought it was going to be a mistake.

All I knew about Seattle was that it rained a lot, was grey a lot and people seemed to like the area. I didn’t have high expectations but I didn’t have a lot of wants. I basically needed good vegetarian places to eat, theaters to watch movies in and a place to work out. I found all of that and more. There are so many great restaurants in Seattle that I can’t possibly name them all. I personally like stopping at the local market and getting my own fresh produce and fish. It is way cheaper and healthier to make my own meal and I love it. I also have a pick of movie theaters, high end theatres, museums and sporting events to choose from for entertainment wise. Running through the city is the highlight though. I love looking at all the cool buildings and businesses that are around the city. A highlight is when I run through Washington Park Arboretum. There is almost a mile of paved area called Azalea Way where you can see all sorts of flowers during the run. There are good stopping off points to rest and stretch. I love that I can run in nature like setting sand city like settings. Even when the weather is rainy and cold, I still immensely enjoy my run. There is no way I would relocate for work now. I just love my new area.

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