My friends and I went to Scarborough bluffs for the day

Hiking is one of my favorite outdoor activities.

My friends and I have visited many of the areas around Ontario.

We live near Toronto, and one of our favorite places to hike is Scarborough Bluffs. Scarborough Bluffs is located on the Eastern side of Toronto. It is near Lake Ontario and there are 11 different parks within the Scarborough Bluffs area. There are plenty of strenuous hikes through the cliffs, but there are also plenty of picnic areas near the beach as well. My friends and I went to the Scarborough Bluffs last weekend. It took about 20 minutes to drive to the area from our apartment in downtown Toronto. Before we left the city, we decided to stop at a cannabis shop. Cannabis has been legal in Toronto for a while now, but my friends and I only recently turned of age to buy the recreational product legally. The cannabis shop was having a sale on all of the dried flower products. My friends and I purchased some pre-rolled joints, because we knew they would be easy to smoke on the go.Before we got to our favorite hiking trail, my friends and I decided to smoke one of the pre-rolled marijuana joints. It hit me like a ton of bricks. The sativa felt more like an indica and I was ready for a nap before we finished the first 4 mile trail. Thank goodness I brought an energy drink in the cooler, because I needed it after hitting rock bottom. That joint really made me tired and sleepy.

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