I had an entire joint in my pocket at the airport

My friends and I decided to fly to Vegas for the weekend.

We live in Denver, Colorado and it is a short flight to reach Vegas.

When Jack mentioned going to Vegas, I was ready to pack an overnight bag. I was in the dumps because my girlfriend broke up with me. She moved out of the apartment and took the dog. I needed a break away from the house and gambling and free alcohol sounded like a fun way to drown my sorrows. When my friends and I arrived at the airport in Denver, we had to check into our flight. When I pulled my wallet out of my pocket, I found a marijuana joint in there as well. Denver has legal marijuana laws and cannabis can be consumed for recreational or medical reasons by any adult over the age of 21. I knew it wasn’t legal to take the marijuana joint on the plane, but I didn’t want to throw it away and waste my money. I decided to go outside where people smoke cigarettes. I let up the joint and I smoked as much as I could before a security officer came over to the area where I was standing. He told me to put out the marijuana and he reminded me that it is illegal to consume plants in public spaces. I apologized and claimed to be a stupid tourist. When I finally boarded the plane to the casino, I was feeling no pain and laughing and giggling at every joke my friends told. We had so much fun during the 48 hour break from reality.



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