Carol did not like Santa Barbara at first but later changed her mind

The transfer notice came as a shock for Carol.

Her company was not only giving her a promotion but also transferring her to a new location.

The growing business had just set up some new offices in California. One of them was in Santa Barbara, and it was Carol’s new responsibility to manage it and set it up. Her boss was not giving her any room to wiggle out of it. He told her something about getting out of one’s comfort zone. And to some extent, he was right. Carol had lived, studied, and worked in the same city all her life. Perhaps it was time to spread her wings and see what other places had to offer. But why did it have to be on the other side of the country? Carol’s parents and friends organized a farewell party, and a month later, she was in Santa Barbara. The girl who was not quite used to change hated the city at first. He barely left her apartment when she was not going to work. All Carol wanted was to crawl into a ball and reminisce on memories of the people she loved. Her mom kept encouraging her to get out and tour the city. Or maybe go do some activities with the people she worked with. One day, her co-worker invited her to a summer party they were hosting. Carol was reluctant but went anyway and had a blast. There was music, drinks, and even weed edibles. Carol recalled weed was legal in the city and partook in some gummies. From that day, she began to love Santa Barbara and even found a marijuana dispensary near where she lived.

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I went on a solo trip to Evansville, Indiana

I had never been to Indiana, and this was set to be an exciting trip.

My boss had told me he was considering expanding the company.

One of the locations he had been scouting was the city of Evansville. I had never heard of it and had to consult the map to locate it on the banks of the Ohio River. My boss informed me I was to travel there and take time to get familiar with the area. In a few months, I would be moving to this location and setting up a new office. I packed my bags and felt excited about the adventure ahead. The promotion had come out of nowhere, but it was one I had been yearning for. The change of location was shocking since I had never lived anywhere but the west coast. The plane ride to Evansville was peaceful, and I took the chance to read my travel guide. I wanted to visit many sites and get to enjoy all that Evansville and offers. Though it was summer and the sun was out, I knew the area also got a good amount of snow. It meant I had to look into proper air conditioning once I got a house during my move. On the first day in Evansville, I went to the Evansville African-American Museum located in Lincoln’s Garden. It was a place that piqued my interest as I was reading the travel guide. I was unsure what I’d see, but I went ready to learn more about this lovely city. The museum was the last building standing in ‘The New Deal’ signed in 1938. Inside, I learned more about this deal and saw how life was like when it was still in place in Indiana. I found a lovely tour guide who made me feel happy I had chosen to start my Evansville tour with this fantastic museum.

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Who knew I’d enjoy the Japanese garden so much when touring the Denver Botanic Gardens

My favorite turned out to be the tranquil Japanese garden full of exotic plants native to Japan.

High school had been a breeze for me, and I managed to get early admission to the university. My mom wanted me closer to home, but I chose to attend the University of Colorado. A little bit of distance would do both of us some good. Once I was settled in school, the classes were quite engaging, but I found the Colorado winter to be something else. My saving grace was that the school had good commercial heating units set up to keep us all warm. Still, I found myself longing for the heat of summer and was so happy when the season changed. We closed for the summer holidays, but I did not go home. Instead, my best friend and I chose to tour Denver and see all the different attractions. At the top of our list was the Denver Botanic Gardens which aligned with my major at the university. The trip to the garden was planned because we knew we had a lot of ground to cover. The garden stretched over 24 acres and had a freaking 50 gardens waiting for us to go and explore. My friend said I was practically shaking with excitement when we got there. The fascinating thing about the garden was its diversity. There were so many different environments depicting gardens from all across the world. My favorite turned out to be the tranquil Japanese garden full of exotic plants native to Japan. I loved how calm it felt walking through space and made a mental note to one day visit Japan. My friend, an art lover, spent her time admiring and loving the sculptures everywhere we walked. That was the best day ever despite the extreme heat.

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The happenings of Spokane, Washington

Their night time temperatures are rising, and just this summer, they had an unprecedented heat wave where the temperatures were in the 100’s.

My husband and I were new residents to the city of Spokane, WA. I loved living here, and it was going to be my first summer in the city. Spokane was possibly the prettiest city I had ever visited, and there was so much to do. I was watching television the other morning, before going to work. They had a warning system go off. The warning was to let people know that hazard sheltering was now open. When the temperature gets to a certain degree, there are areas throughout the city that open up for people to come in for air conditioning. This is a wonderful idea, but many of the people are unable to get to the hazard sheltering. They don’t drive, and most of the shelters are too far for people to walk. One death due to extreme weather is one too many, but it happens. Spokane, WA is trying to follow certain parameters to keep people safe, but it isn’t always the best. Spokane is a beautiful city, but it also has its problems when it comes to climate change. Their night time temperatures are rising, and just this summer, they had an unprecedented heat wave where the temperatures were in the 100’s. Spokane, WA is doing their best to take care of their residents, and this warning system that I saw on television, is just one way they are trying to protect us. There are alerts for tsunamis and even volcano eruptions. Now there are alerts for heat waves coming, for the city of Spokane, WA. We need to protect all citizens and not just those who are homeless.


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